ThaNgone Floating Boats

Floating Boat restaurant is also one magnificent and unique place. About more than 20 small and big floating boats are available to

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Xiengkhouane cultural park

Xiengkhouane Cultural Park locates on the Mekong riverside at Xiengkhouane village of Hatxayfong district, close to the 1st Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge and to 24 km far from Vientiane capital. This cultural park was created in 1958 by Grandfather Bounleua Sourirath. There are more than 200 statues being dispersed around among them there are statues of human, ghost, angel, monk, wild animals and others in different positions. The mixed Buddhist and Hindu doctrines make sense of happiness, wonder and charm when we see them. The dominant sculpture in this park is a Buddha statue in sleep position (Phouttasaibat Buddha) with 50 m long, and open mouth Rahuyak sculpture for stairs to 7th floor paradise (from Rahu mouth to top floor). These scultures interest and attract a lot of domestic and international tourists to visit the site.

20. Tad Moon, Palay, Vangnong and Vangnampheung cascades

Tad Moon, Palay, Vangnong and Vangnampheung cascades locate not so far between each other from Viengkham to Champa

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Tadxone cascade

Houay Xone (Xone rivulet) is since

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Hinekhanna cascade

Hinekhanna cascade locates in Naxaythong

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