Vat Sisahet

On the other side of Vat Phakeo is Vat Sisaket that is historically important because it is a sole temple surviving from burning and destruction of foreign feudalists between

1827-1828. Vat Sisaket was constructed in 1818 under leadership of the King Anouvong, the last king of Vientiane monarchy. This temple is very exceptional because it consist a referential documents’ tower, residence of the King Phetsarath. In the internal wall of sanctuary there are magnificent drawings. The temple is surrounded by 4 side walls. Each side includes many small Buddha statues in diamond sand and there are in total 120 statues. Inside of the chapel, there is a big sacred statue as president of statue. And on its left and right, it exist 2 copper statues of Hamyat era in size of the king Anouvong’s body. In addition, in the boxes on the internal wall of the chapel, there are totally 2052 small Buddha statues among them 276 are copper statues. The opening time for the visit is from 8:00am to 17:00pm everyday.

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