The ceremony and summarize project of restoration the Emerald Buddha hall museum in 3rd period, phase 1

The ceremony and summarize project of restoration the Emerald Buddha hall museum in 3rd period organized during dated 8-9 October 2016 with had arm offering to 43 monks. Through honored the ceremony by Mrs. Pany YATHORTOU National Assembly President; Mr. Sinlavong KHOUTPHAITHOUN Governor of Vientiane Capital with concern ministers, businesses, project committees and others Lao people attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Mayor of Vientiane Mr. Sihoun SITTHILEUXAY with is a vice chairman of the board committee on restoration project; reported the successful in (Phase 1) which has 8 activities such as demolition - reparation roofs including ornaments pagoda (ຍອດຊໍ່ຟ້າ), renewed ceiling, repaired windows, balcony walls, stairs, cleaned and plants new color. Those all total estimated 6.3 billion Kip but in actually found problems that have more additional to restore.  For example: wood roofs are too melted, added extra steels, extra ceiling inside – outside, painted wood treatment, and packaging all materials and also improved some parts from authority suggested. These works considered as (Phase 2) has cost value 6 billion, in that total costs are 12 billion kip (phase 1+2). Currently the restoration works in (Phase 1) has completed 100% with continuous the most special part in (Phase 2). Especially, we have received contribution from Phonesack Company in 3 kilogrammes of gold and money over 152.520.000 kip to build the ornaments of pagoda (ຍອດຊໍ່ຟ້າ). Moreover, family of Mr. Bounthapany BOUNSUAY and Mrs. Daovone THONGTHANASOUK donated the glass door in both sides to keep its unique Lao art painting. And also housewife association has faith contributions to build palace of Emerald Buddha.

In order to successfully the project restoration in Phase 1 continuing to Phase 4 which is the final phase of project namely designed glass doors, exhibition materials, installed CCTV, improve electric, gardening and outside room exhibition that totally worth 11 billion kip, so overall we need financial to restore in all 4 phases altogether 23 billion Kip. Through pass had received contribution of foreign, public – private investment, and Vientiane people till currently still having receive more from charities of 3 kilogrammes of 1 karat gold in 1.742.184.499 kip, 471.530 THB  and 16.906 USD. Besides that also received some materials but not yet enough. So that on behalf of project committee pleased to invite all philanthropists, especially Vientiane peoples together your kindly support donation on this restoration.

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