Vientiane capital is a capital of Lao P.D.R where its infrastructure, socio-economic and cultural development is rapidly increased. Vientiane capital is an important strategic site in term of national defense, security, international relationship, national politics and administration because all Ministries, departments and other government offices locate here. It is also a commercial centre. Nowadays, Vientiane capital has almost 800,000 inhabitants. It covers an area of 3,920 km2. It is a zone with the highest population density in Laos (about 200 inhabitants/Km2). Vientiane capital included 9 districts such as Chanthabuly, Sikhottabong, Saysettha, Sisattanak, Naxaythong, Xaythany, Hatxayfong, Sangthong and Pakngum. Vientiane capital is a lowland area surrounding by Phoukhaokhouay mountain connected with Phou Ngou mountain. The main rivers are Mekong and Nam Ngum where during the evening time many Lao peoples and foreigner tourists walk along, rest, relax, look for delicious food to eat and drink in many small restaurants along the Mekong riverside and observe the sundown. This is an incomparable charm of Vientiane during the sunset moment that we could not find elsewhere. In addition, there is also Thatluang temple, a worship place and emblem of the nation for all Lao peoples. In Vientiane capital, 83 small and big markets are present that reflect the livelihood of sellers binding with daily market. These are as well the places  to attract the tourists who prefer to taste, buy various fresh and dried products and to learn about livelihood of Lao peoples.

“In Vientiane, visiting Friendship Bridge, worshiping Phakeo temple, visiting patouxay, worshiping Thatluang temple, visiting the panorama of Mekong riverside, Donechanh blonde beach, tasting international food in the 14 floors palace, relaxing in paradise of reputable Donechanh palace Hotel.”



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